I really question it. Its a typical strategy, numerous visitors have actually said this happened in their mind. My guess is the fact that scam operator maybe not making their quota ??

I really question it. Its a typical strategy, numerous visitors have actually said this happened in their mind. My guess is the fact that scam operator maybe not making their quota ??

Johnathan Henry

Thank you because of this extremely insightful and article that is helpful. I’ve gotten hooked into this mess once I was thinking that is n’t and this is really eye-opening. I’ve currently contacted my bank, Chase, and had my debit card voided for fraudulence. I’m also likely to get refunded the amount of money We formerly paid (Chase is a fantastic bank). I like the online world, but guy, a few of the stuff that is scummy individuals does on here will not stop to boggle my brain. Thanks once more.

Wow whenever did this website is created by you for the public? Just how many fallen victims have actually contacted you ever since then? The thing that was the worst situation you’ve found with? Sorry for all your questions but we dropped because of this pretty deep too i would really like to understand how people are in fact when you look at the exact same situation appears like in United States debit card users don’t get plenty of defenses, I’m in Aus as soon as I told my bank they simply refunded them all without also asking the thing I did, i suppose it is what the law states right right here but i need to repeat this within 60 times. I’m astonished you say debit cards are far more dangerous than bank cards, i thought this is the other means around.

Ronin Eternales

yea so the majority of the concerns you might be asking is trade key or private. Suffice it to state, when you have dropped for the scam, you have got a lot of business.

Lafe Burts

Supposed to got passes that are free ithey want a charge card quantity i dont do charge cards.

Just just How did your readers find a way to discovered this? Do they actually utilize these shell dating/adult web web web sites? I became researching concerning the white label businesses and every of them has a shear quantity of these websites, you can’t also locate them on google, that’s why they’re considered low quality and shady. Additionally they state they will certainly get a cross register their clients to sites that are different improve their traffic and earnings. I truly question that some body will really make use of these web internet sites for dating or adult enjoyable if these methods are now actually legal, did you know around what amount of genuine folks are making use of these online dating sites (let’s find the many “popular one” shineloveonme)?

Besides calling them concerning the charges that are fraudulent i do believe you’ll simply suggest us to sever ties and stop connection using them appropriate?

Ronin Eternales

Readers contact me personally most of the time, 10x what you see in remarks. 99.9% have fallen when it comes to scam, enrolled in a totally free cellular phone, etc.

I cant touch upon just how many genuine users are on the webpage.

Generally speaking I would personally instead a person maybe perhaps not make use of these firms, but, in the event that you plan to dispute a fee or would like a refund, in the usa, the Fair Credit Billing Act calls for the customer to create a beneficial faith work to focus out the problem with all the vendor. What this means is you need to contact them

Hi ronin I’m recently reading your documents concerning the shell organizations. Each one of these companies has a number that is large of sites right? They own if I got signed up to their services during the date verification (even just one), the account/profile will be established and visible on every sites. Is that what you’re I’m that is saying really about that

Ronin Eternales

I have no idea that concerning the adult internet sites. I am aware that the online dating sites share the profiles over the various branded web web sites, visitors have actually told me this, and I also have observed terms of good use regarding the online dating sites that state this too.


I have already been looking for a verify loads of seafood account then finally, once I check this out Article I have to learn the most suitable information about this and I also discovered these details is applicable. You’ve got a sufficient number of knowledge and therefore defines it really plainly and I also many thanks for offering me personally this particular knowledge plus it assists me personally a whole lot.

Yes it really is a scam. We joined up however with in mins We notice I happened to be charge $40.00 to my card. I came across the web site where We talked to someone online. I inquired the individual the things I had been cost for as well as stated from me asking about the charges that they could give me that info once I provided them a subpoena and a write letter. Fundamentally they reverse the fees.

Ryan Wright

I had been filling in the form but i did son’t complete because things did seem right n’t. Should my information be safe?

Ronin Eternales

there isn’t any means you been, what you did for me to tell where. Sorry.


I was handed this website link: https: //www. Spicyfling.com/fling/ slimgreen/index2. Php? W Looks like a fraud? She assures me personally it is legit.

Ronin Eternales

Hi Ronin thx for reply. Yeah we figured Facebook is actually perhaps not really a safe spot, can just only blame myself for too young too inexperienced and too naive. Sexting or intercourse cam or whatever should indeed be a no that is absolute not stupid adequate to just just take my clothes down on line. Simply afraid they will utilize those information to locate me personally state we owe them cash on those internet sites or break their terms etc etc. Just a valuable thing is i really do not hv charge cards, bank cancelled the debit cards and refund every one of the fees.

They find and track people on social media like Facebook and ig since they have a name and a picture will? Here is the scariest component I deleted everything online as they can find a lot more information from there…I’m too scared of this

Ronin Eternales

It can be an extreme situation, but that will take place. You can find gangs who earn an income away from blackmailing. They trick you directly into sexting, threaten you with then publishing it on facebook etc.

1. Signing on to virtually any solution utilizing Facebook is a complete no. 2. Sexting is a complete no

And so the sites that showed up in the victims statements would be the billing web web web sites and every of them links to a connected shell web site situated in European countries, and you will find loads of the shell businesses that are managed by the unknown big white label business, scammers deliver links telling or threatening visitors to confirm to be able to signal them as much as those shell web internet sites. We cancelled my cards let them know to delete the account and solution https://datingperfect.net/dating-sites/daf-reviews-comparison/ and contacted id help changed everything online (pretty late tho stupid me! ) do u think I’ll be fine

Ronin Eternales

I additionally suggest getting an identification theft security solution.

Didn’t deliver card info they keep emailing us to validate i won’t felt like something’s maybe not appropriate

Ronin Eternales

So the strange sites that show up on the victims card statements will be the payment sites, and every payment web site is related to a shell business dating/porn site, then you will find plenty and lots of these shell business web sites that belongs to a huge white label business, there might be much more the other among these white labels right? And now we have no idea whom and where these are generally coz they purposefully hide on their own. When individuals got scammed and finalized as much as these shell sites the white label in behind gains the funds

Got scammed too, but after a click on the verification scam page directed me to subscribe SweetDiscreet.com, which appears to me personally is a bit more site that is legit those crappy people


Hi, I became struck from – goinfiniteheart.com Some guy said which he had this connection with being beaten up by 4 guys so he has to make use of these – protective internet dating sites -. -” and also this site also has a video clip of some videos showing Grindr being unsafe, which will be among the things that made me think it is perhaps not fake. So, I set up my info … 3 times ago, and got charged instantly – 47.99e And saw a mail within my spam – thanking me for joining showuptolove.com that is o. 0″ therefore, i did so while you told – we just called my bank. Have actually internet fees blocked until we take out remaining portion of the money through the card after which ‘m going to cancel and alter it. They needed to have some numbers from my card to do so, as now it’s blocked, I did it too and cancelled it as I found cancel subscription button, and. Therefore, my real question is. Do you believe it’s going to be sufficient to work on this, mark things as spam during my inbox as well as perform some ic3 thing? I’dn’t want to begin spending money on identification guard too. As I don’t frequently do stupid things such as these

Ronin Eternales

Do you realize who has got your bank card and private information?

Yea neither do we


I get right up in this exact same situation, on my master card I have cost from Paymentsfee.com. On that web web site there is certainly an application that you simply fill and I also saw three subscriptions with my card. We canceled all three of those. Additionally we published in their mind if they will return the money that I am scam victim which is conducted with their service, will see. Thank you for this short article it certainly assisted me personally a great deal.

I happened to be obligated to register in just one of these internet sites by an individual I became talking online as they told me to register with an on-line dating account if not my nudes could be leaked. Will trying to make a merchant account a notification of my card being declined kept taking place and I also had not been capable of making a merchant account. The extortionist got exhausted and kept and we called my banking company as quickly as possible to inform them of my situation. They cancelled my card and noticed 3 various fees of approximately $40, I happened to be forced to join three accounts that are different i possibly couldn’t make a free account in almost any. Now, I’m simply worried whether web sites can bill me personally later on and even though we changed my card quantity. On the website I experienced a debit card, whether they will be able to use my information to take credit so I am uncertain. The scam I became forced to be seduced by had been age verification one.

Ronin Eternales

you have terminated your card, good

Make no further connection with them. Report threats to ic3.gov Never utilize a debit card on the web. Ever. Https: //theonlinedatingscams.com/letter-from-a-reader-debit-card/ Consult your bank, in the event that “card updater” solution is on your own card, of course it really is opt away. Get an identification security solution such as for example Identity Guard or Lifelock

Marley Gibbs

Thanks for the information


I got tricked into registering for a few sites that are pornographic and unauthorized fees are turning up back at my debit card from strange names like EHAVAH. COM 8444127687, Nor-dtfee. Com INTERNET, and WWW. CAREELF. COM. A few of the pornographic websites do maybe perhaps not appear to have an alternative for canceling/deleting my profile. Other people have actually an alternative to cancel my registration and/or delete my profile, but as long as we contact your website administrators. Should we contact them or perhaps not? If that’s the case, should they are contacted by me before or when I deactivate my debit card?


Thanks for the remark, I’ve done the things I could do in order to protect myself. I’ve additionally delivered you a message including some billing internet sites that appeared on my statements which could never be in your search system


You sir is a legend your quest assists lots of people, including myself that has been scammed by a number of internet web web sites like these, keep upgrading so that your work can really help more individuals later on. One concern i’d like to ask is perhaps you have got any readers/victims saying since they did not cancel the service that they only cancelled their cards, but got sent solicitor emails or letters threatening court or debt collection?

Ronin Eternales

I never have. We have seen but that the businesses are more lenient in offering refunds, and also as such I will be recommending given that individuals contact the organization and request a reimbursement first, work with their then bank if need, so when always cancel the bank card, and obtain identification theft solution

Visitors have informed me that the scammers have aggressive and threatening for them. Threats such as for example if you pay, will call the authorities, and other crap like that if you don’t register you are going to owe big bucks, or. It’s total BS. And these social individuals are a few actions taken out of the payment company.

The thing that is only seems to my card is “PMTOPTS. COM 8442589235” though.

Hey, my card had been additionally struck. I’m wondering if cancelling the card within my bank will be sufficient? We don’t learn how to cancel the account as it ended up being said to be free. Simply because they may send the future bills to my address, is that possible that they own my personal data, I’m worried?

Ronin Eternales

You cancel by visiting the web site that appears in your card. I advise getting ID theft protection.

Dav May 30, 2019 – 9:32 pm

Thank you for the work me understand what has happened to me– it has helped.

A hookup iPhone app that I am now going to unsubscribe from for my part I found someone via Pure. I was contacted by a woman and after a little bit of talk directed us to get hold of her via Instagram. Her IG and her Pure profile pic tested. Her IG account seemed ‘normal’, i.e., maybe not a cam model etc. I happened to be accustomed cam models striking me up via IG to satisfy of we just join to view then upvote them. This is brand new. She stated she remaining near me personally visiting loved ones (her IG account said she had been half-Aussie) and had been bored stiff and desired sex. After which the ID was pulled by her verification thing: she just connected with dudes who got an ID from on the web dating sites Protection https: //www. Onlinedatingprotector.com/ Thus I declined … in the beginning.

Now we knew this is a scam but I became tossed because of the proven fact that she had not been a bot along with her IG account examined. She even had a LinkedIn profile that matched her work ‘backstory’. After which once I declined and kept refusing her offer of sex if perhaps i might register with internet dating Protector because we stated it absolutely was a fraud she reported it wasn’t after which also offered for me personally to utilize her charge card details. Now i understand we shouldn’t used them … but we did. It did work that is n’t. She reported it had been obstructed. But i do believe now i am aware why.

Which was the last straw that prompted me personally to undergo with attempting it. I made the decision to test it with prepaid charge cards. All things considered it was said by her would just price $60 then needless to say since it ended up being free the ‘floating charges’ would be refunded because of the ID. I had additionally simply paid down all my charge cards and ended up being going to cancel them it was low risk from that perspective so I figured.

She ended up being good now thatI think on just just what occurred next. She email me the hyperlink and instructions (from a current email address which being fully a Gmail account might be fake). The web link took us to your type or types of web internet sites your site mentions. Needless to say, the verification procedure had many steps – more than simply that which was on my prepaid credit card, which worked in addition. At each and every action and every right time she asked for screenshots. Once I had subscribed to some dating website, she asked me to watch for a contact from online dating sites Protection. And undoubtedly a message we did get – from a Gmail account [email protected] That would then deliver me another website website link etc. Interestingly one of many directions would be to clear my web web browser history, s I used Safari for the procedure, as I didn’t trust it with my Chrome. Used to do this once or twice, and undoubtedly certainly one of my charge cards now has 3-4 mystical $60 charges pending, that I have finally obstructed.

Yesterday evening had been the straw that is last. Needless to say, the lady at issue ended up being champing during the bit being very flirty beside me over IG messenger. Giving me personally some photos on demand, telling me personally all of the plain things she’d desire me personally to do in order to her, asking us to explain exactly the same. She ended up being super helpful the entire means as we say. At one phase, she also IG video called me ( without having the movie on) to see if I would show her the pre-paid credit card. However the last re re payment we wasn’t prepared to do on my legit cards therefore and thus in a contact trade using the ‘Online Dating Protectors’ they actually told us to buy a Coles Mastercard prepaid, also explaining along with, that was really knowledgable of those. I was sending her, discovered they took the money but the final link took me to a ‘something went wrong! ’ page so I did that and with my IG girl looking virtually over my shoulder with screenshots. That I needed to try again with a different link on a different computer so I email the ODP people who promptly replied. Then when that didn’t work they started initially to let me know it absolutely was my fault and that we necessary to get another Coles Mastercard and take to once again and then all of the charges that are floating be refunded.

Look, i’d like free uninhibited intercourse with young ladies who seem like models up to the following center aged solitary guy but which was the straw that broke the camels straight right back. Thus I wrote from the cards that are prepaid obstructed my cards. I’ll be cancelling them to date. I’m going to deliver her web web web site to my IG woman. And its particular clear if you ask me that ‘she’ should also be my ODP emailer too, so I’ll make she we say her to her there aided by the exact same website link. I shall then block her. We have screenshots of every thing we mentioned on IG not to mention all teh email messages. I am aware now throughout your web site like me but in worse places in their lives that she must be one of those ‘entrepreneurs’ you talked about, who use the white label shell to generate at least a side income from men. I will be ready to deliver me details for you if you want while you did a great deal work currently and also this appears to be a brand new development maybe not mentioned on her behalf website. Additionally it is A australian instance and may help my other country guys, literally. Continue the good work!

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